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[birthday jokes for kids]Happy Birthday to the One and Only Willem Dafoe!

  Willem Dafoe as the Green Golbin.

  National treasure Willem Dafoe turned 66 years old today, and with that came an influx of memes celebrating the actor. AS THEY SHOULD. From American Psycho?to?Spider-Man, Dafoe has proven himself again and again as an actor who can fully transform himself into whatever role he’s playing. And it’s why so many of us love his movies.

  Whether you’re watching?The Florida Project?or being frightened by?The Lighthouse, there’s a Willem Dafoe movie for us all and on his birthday, what better way to celebrate than to go online and spread around our favorite Willem Dafoe pictures? Or memes, in Dafoe’s case.

  Twitter shared plenty of jokes using Willem Dafoe-related images, gifs, and movies to celebrate the actor. Because honestly, who doesn’t love a Willem Dafoe meme? It’s just one of those internet things that is utterly delightful. In a time when we can rarely agree about much on social media, agreeing that Willem Dafoe has made our cinematic universe a better place unites us.

  Happy birthday Willem Dafoe. His portrayal of Rudy Giuliani was very moving pic.twitter.com/zNJVBnbcJW

  — Chris Stein (@chrissteinplays) July 22, 2021

  Happy 66th Birthday Willem Dafoe!

  “I never act. I simply bring out the real animal that’s in me.” pic.twitter.com/oQpNGAqPlt

  — Marshall Julius: Vintage Geek! (@MarshallJulius) July 22, 2021

  Happy Birthday, Willem Dafoe! ?

  Photo by Henny Garfunkel, 1987. pic.twitter.com/qvX862i2II

  — Film at Lincoln Center (@FilmLinc) July 22, 2021

  In an alternate universe we got the ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer today for Willem Dafoe’s B-Day pic.twitter.com/lif3FqxBtl

  — Fandom (@getFANDOM) July 22, 2021

  Never forget.

  Willem Dafoe wore Nike Air Flightposite’s in the original Spider-Man movie. A true NY villain. pic.twitter.com/ZCfy7zWuPE

  — NUFF (@nuffsaidny) July 22, 2021

  Happy 66th, Willem Dafoe! pic.twitter.com/fnYGji7PVJ

  — ?nakul. (@offbeatcool) July 22, 2021

  Spiderman fans when they see Willem Dafoe trending on twitter only to see it’s his birthday and not him making an appearance in a new #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer pic.twitter.com/vohs8FSttV

  — Tom Toppler (@TomTopplerr) July 22, 2021

  All jokes aside, Dafoe is the actor you know won’t disappoint. As the kids say online, he always understands the assignment. He can be an actor of grace and nuance or glorious scene-chomping. It’s why we still love him as Normal Osborn all these years later or want to see him in more movies.

  Willem Dafoe is such a heavyweight. He often delivers these loud and phenomenal performances that shake you to your core. Then there’s times where he does something so quiet and personal that it stays with you for years after you’ve watched it.

  Watch The Florida Project. pic.twitter.com/qDPctIwhjr

  — FilmQueensPod (@filmqueenspod) July 22, 2021

  Happy 60th birthday to the man responsible for my avatar, Willem Dafoe. Please remember that this is one of the greatest bits of film acting ever. https://t.co/P7i5GYmmlV

  — Josh Spiegel (@mousterpiece) July 22, 2021

  Happiest of birthdays to the perfect Norman Osborn, the man you know will deliver a performance, and one of our most interesting actors out there! Let’s all hope that we’ll get to see Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn once again in?Spider-Man: No Way Home, because who can even try to top that performance?!

  (image: Marvel Entertainment)

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