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[best hair straightener for curly hair]Best hair straighteners with keratin-infused plates to help prevent hair damage on Amazon India

  Yes, hair straighteners can work wonders for your hair. They can straighten out messy hair in little to no time and give them a shinier and silkier finish. While every hair straightener can perform these functions, not all of them can prevent hair damage. This is because every hair straightener does not come fitted with keratin-infused plates. Those hair straightening devices that come equipped with keratin plates can protect your hair against damage from excessive heat, ensuring your hair remains in a healthy condition. If you are looking for a hair straightener, make sure it has keratin-infused plates and temperature variable settings. It gives you the flexibility to pick between different heat settings and choose the one that best suits your hair type. Following are a few good options of hair straighteners on Amazon that are furnished with keratin-infused plates:

  The VEGA Keratin Glow Hair Straightener (VHSH-21) runs on keratin-infused ceramic coated plates that give you silky smooth hair with the ultimate shine. This is supplemented with long floating plates that allow the straightener to glide through your hair smoothly without tugging and pulling. Hence, its keratin-infused long floating plates protect your hair from tugging, pulling, and excessive heat. Its adjustable temperature setting allows you to set the heat between 130°C to 230°C as per your hair type. To help you set precise temperature, it comes with a digital display that shows the exact temperature you have selected. The device is ready to use whenever you pick it up, thanks to its quick heat-up function that can warm up the straightener within 60 seconds. Some of its other notable features are a 360° swivel cord and an easy lock system.

  The Hesley GLANZ Hair Straightener is designed with eight Heat Balance micro-sensors that constantly modulate the temperature and protect your hair from damage due to excessive heat. With this hair straightener, you won’t need to go over each section of your hair multiple times, owing to its ultra-fast heating within two seconds. Its ceramic coated plates are infused with keratin that helps deliver sleek and smooth hair and ensures your hair doesn’t get damaged. The device comes along with six temperature settings so that you can pick one that best matches your hair type. It allows you to pick between 155°C to 230°C, but it is only recommended to use the maximum temperature if you have thick hair. It serves as a comprehensive styling tool as it can both curl and straighten your hair. It also has a lockable design for easy and convenient travelling.

  The VEGA Keratin Glow Hair Straightener (VHSH-20) has ceramic coated plates that are infused with keratin. These plates ensure that the straightener can glide through effortlessly and give healthier, shinier, and straighter hair. It comes equipped with floating plates that prevent any tugging of hair, along with a rotating temperature regulator that lets you choose between 170?C to 230?C. This ability to pick the ideal temperature gives you the autonomy to use only that amount of heat, which is perfect for your hair. It boasts a power indicator light that illuminates when the appliance is switched and is travel-friendly due to its compact design and lock system. It can quickly heat up within 60 seconds, ensuring you get quick results in little to no time. With its 360? swivel cord, you can conveniently rotate the device and prevent any unnecessary tangles.

  The PHILIPS Bhs378/10 Kerashine Straightener uses ionic conditioning that helps in keeping your hair’s shine and glossiness intact. Featuring keratin-infused ceramic plates, this hair straightener can move through your hair smoothly and give a silky and shiny finish. It is powered by the thermo-protect technology that distributes heat evenly across the plates, preventing overheating and protecting your hair. It comes fitted with six LED temperature settings that enable you to choose between 160°C-230°C accurately. This variable temperature setting ensures you only pick that heating level that matches the needs of your hair. Its plates can heat up within 30 seconds and can give effective results within a short period. Its portable and lightweight design make it the perfect travel companion, allowing you to carry it anywhere.