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[october horoscope]Your Weekly Horoscope for July 25 – August 1


  June 22-July 22

  A wave of sentimentality may compel you to seek closure with a problematic person from your past. Just remember that time has a way of making good memories eclipse bad ones. Think before reaching out – you could be opening a can of worms.


  July 23-August 22

  Happy birthday, Leo! The sun is lavishing annual blessings upon you, boosting your energy, libido, smarts and optimism. You’ll have a strong urge to splash out on an expensive item, and your birthday provides you with the perfect excuse!


  August 23-September 22

  Your imagination and creativity are at a peak. Without a productive outlet, you’ll get up to mischief! You might also feel a little vague and pensive. Jot down your dreams and daytime reveries.


  September 23-October 22

  Take stock of your assets, and not just dollars and cents. It’s the non-tangibles, like the love of family, partners and friends, that bring greater rewards. Let them know how much they mean.


  October 23 – November 22

  Dress to impress! The sun has moved into your sector of career and image, so look the part and you’re more likely to get the part. Your confidence will also give you an edge on the competition.


  November 23-December 20

  As one of the most charismatic signs, you have strong powers of persuasion. You can talk your way into and out of anything. You’ll also mediate a stand-off between others, fostering unity.


  December 21-January 19

  Your love life will benefit from the sun in your sector of intimacy. Make the most of the frisky atmosphere and surprise your partner with a romantic date, even if it’s at home. Blossoming relationships also get a nudge forward.


  January 20-February 18

  The sun has moved into relationships, promoting harmony. Let gestures speak volumes and show your partner how much you appreciate them. Reach out to other loved ones and strengthen bonds. You could also play mediator.


  February 19-March 20

  It’s time to defend your thoughts and feelings, not to earn approval or make people understand, but because your opinions count. If an issue has been festering, confront the source so that you can move forward.