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[best beauty]Best in Beauty: July

  Sure, you don’t need a scalp scrub, but there’s something satisfying about purifying and exfoliating your scalp before you even start to wash your hair, especially when using this little Bretagne-inspired sea salt number.

  Le Diffuseur, Cire Trudon

  Best in Beauty July

  If you can spot a Cire Trudon candle a mile off, you may find it hard to resist this extremely elegant diffuser, which comes in all of the brand’s beautiful scents, including Cyrnos and Spiritus Sancti.

  Tower 28

  Image may contain Cosmetics and Face Makeup

  Tower 28 is a new make-up brand that’s specifically created for sensitive skin. Its super shiny glosses have pleasing noughties appeal and the little bronzing and illuminating gels look gorgeous swept on to enliven a tired face.

  Aloe Vera Gel, Dr. Barbara Sturm

  So, you got sunburnt in the park—it happens, even in England. An excellent way to recover is Barbara Sturm’s lovely, soothing gel (and, next time, apply her unbeatable Sun Drops before you step out of the door).

  H24 Eau de Toilette, Hermès

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  Enveloping sage meets narcissus and rosewood in this warm but bright perfume, which is made for a “contemporary man” but smells just as good on anyone.

  Hyaluronic Hydra-Balm, By Terry

  Best in Beauty July

  If there’s one thing By Terry can do (and there are many) it’s minimal effort polish, and this dewy, high-shine lip balm in a range of nude tones let you achieve just that.