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[demi moore ghost hair]50 Truly Iconic Beauty Looks from Your Favorite ’90s Movies

  pretty woman

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  1990: Julia Roberts’s Ponytail in ‘Pretty Woman’

  The only thing better than Julia Roberts’ impeccable low pony and hat combo (copying this for my Kentucky Derby party, thanks) is her “big mistake” moment.

  los angeles   july 13 the movie ghost, directed by jerry zucker and written by bruce joel rubin seen here, demi moore as molly jensen initial theatrical release july 13, 1990 screen capture paramount pictures photo by cbs via getty images

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  1990: Demi Moore’s Pixie in ‘Ghost’

  Thanks to Demi Moore’s pixie cut with arched bangs in Ghost, I wanted a pixie cut with arched bangs—and no, I could not pull it off. The low-maintenance style became super trendy after this movie came out.

  don't tell mom the babysitter's dead

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  1991: Christina Applegate’s Ponytail in ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead’

  Christina Applegate’s feathered bangs were her most iconic beauty feature in the ’90s, but I’m demanding justice for this multi-hair-tie pony, because it’s the real unsung hero.

  lebanese born american actor keanu reeves and american actor patrick swayze stand on a beach as swayze holds a surfboard during the filming of the action movie point break directed by kathryn bigelow, 1991 photo by richard foremanfotos internationalgetty images

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  1991: Patrick Swayze’s Faux Mullet in ‘Point Break’

  There was nothing hotter in the ’90s than a sun-kissed Patrick Swayze. As part of his surfer look in Point Break, the actor rocked fringe bangs and long textured hair. I don’t hate it, TBQH.

  actresses susan sarandon left and geena davis star in the film thelma and louise, 1991 photo by fotos internationalgetty images

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  1991: Geena Davis’s Blue Eyeshadow in ‘Thelma & Louise’

  There’s plenty of fashion to gawk at in Thelma & Louise, but Geena’s blue shadow stole the show. My teenage self may or may not have run to Limited Too to buy a palette of my own immediately afterwards.


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  1992: Whitney Houston’s Baby Bangs in ‘The Bodyguard’

  Her chin-grazing bob was a standout moment, but Whitney Houston’s piecey bangs are what everyone tried to replicate after this movie—hopefully with the help of a salon visit and not a DIY scissors sesh at home. (Been there.)

  poison ivy

  New Line Cinema

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  1992: Drew Barrymore’s Big Hair in ‘Poison Ivy’

  Although somewhat reminiscent of the big hair from the ’80s, Drew Barrymore’s curls in Poison Ivy were perfectly grunge and sparked a hair trend that continued throughout the decade.



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  1992: Tupac’s Fade in ‘Juice’

  You know a hairstyle is Important? when it becomes IDed by the film it was in. When Tupac appeared in Juice sporting an elaborate fade, fans took note and sideways parted fades are known as the “Juice Cut” to this day.

  death becomes her


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  1992: Goldie Hawn’s Voluminous Curls in ‘Death Becomes Her’

  The soft full curls Goldie Hawn wore in Death Becomes Her are super retro-glam. When paired with wispy bangs, it became the most ’90s thing ever and was coveted by 30-somethings.

  basic instinct

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  1992: Sharon Stone’s Slicked-Back Hair in ‘Basic Instinct’

  I’ll raise you your middle part and give you Sharon Stone’s no part in Basic Instinct. Her short messy ‘do paired with an oatmeal turtleneck for the beach was particularly, uh, memorable.

  poetic justice

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  1993: Janet Jackson’s Box Braids in ‘Poetic Justice’

  Another instance of a style becoming synonymous with a movie, Janet Jackson’s long box braids kicked off people asking for “poetic justice braids.” They were just that iconic.

  sleepless in seattle

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  1993: Meg Ryan’s Feathered Bangs in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’

  The most famous era for Meg Ryan’s hair was her feathery style in Sleepless in Seattle, which I can say from experience served as inspiration for countless haircuts during the decade.

  mrs doubtfire

  20th Century Fox

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  1993: Mara Wilson’s Headbands in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’

  You were the coolest kid on the playground if you rocked one of these two-inch thick felt headbands in kindergarten. Bonus points if it coordinated with your outfit.

  pulp fiction


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  1994: Uma Thurman’s Blunt Bangs in ‘Pulp Fiction’

  It was the hairstyle that launched thousands of replicas—not to mention killer Halloween costumes. There’s no other way to describe Uma Thurman’s bob in Pulp Fiction other than a work of art.

  miracle on 34th street

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  1994: Elizabeth Perkins’s Red Lip in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’

  Elizabeth Perkins was the perfectly polished mother in Miracle on 34th Street and her red pout in every scene is all the makeup department had to do to nail her vibe. Back then, red lipstick=perfect mother, duh.

  léon the professional


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  1994: Natalie Portman’s Bob in ‘Léon: The Professional’

  For the first time in history, adults wanted the same haircut as an 11-year-old after Natalie Portman wore this chic bob in her breakout role. Chic perfection.



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  1995: Alicia Silverstone’s Blown-Out Layers in ‘Clueless’

  Clueless defined ’90s beauty and style—it’s that simple. Cher’s blonde blowout was ever-y-thing and while many a teen tried to replicate it, few succeeded.



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  1995: Elisa Donovan’s Feathered Headband in ‘Clueless’

  This look is still on my to-do list. The marabou feather headband perfectly matches the marabou feather shrug and I mean…don’t even get me started on that buckle choker.



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  1995: Stacey Dash’s Red Lip in ‘Clueless’

  In addition to her ::chef’s kiss:: wardrobe in Clueless, Stacey Dash’s red lip stole the freakin’ show. She wears it here with a, um, I guess I’d describe it as a…clip art-inspired hat? As one does in the ’90s.



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  1995: Brittany Murphy’s Hair Color in ‘Clueless’

  Purple-red hair? As if. Well, except in the ’90s, when it was actually really cool. No one pulled it off better than Brittany Murphy in Clueless.

  empire records

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  1995: Robin Tunney’s Shaved Head in ‘Empire Records’

  Robin Tunney set the standard for shaved heads in the ’90s. From Demi Moore to Sigourney Weaver, plenty others tried it, but Robin’s was a special treasure to behold.

  it takes two

  Warner Bros.

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  1995: Kirstie Alley’s Face-Framing Tendrils in ‘It Takes Two’

  Ah, the ease at which Kirstie Alley’s tendrils fall from her half up, half down style. Who didn’t think she was the coolest in It Takes Two?


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  1995: Bonnie Hunt’s French Braid in ‘Jumanji’

  Only in the ’90s could one of the hottest hair trends be equally favored by both an adult woman and a 5-year-old girl. Bonus points if you tied yours up with a scrunchie.

  the basketball diaries

  New Line Cinema

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  1995: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Curtain Bangs in ‘The Basketball Diaries’

  I hope I don’t need to be the one to tell you this, but…floppy curtain bangs were a sign of peak heartthrob status at the time.

  romeo  juliet

  20th Century Fox

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  1996: Claire Danes’s Messy Updo in ‘Romeo + Juliet’

  Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet was full of some of our favorite looks from the ’90s, including Juliet’s wedding hair. We all tried this messy updo, right?

  happy gilmore


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  1996: Julie Bowen’s Bob in ‘Happy Gilmore’

  Princess Diana’s sideswept bob remained trendy into the mid ’90s. Just ask Julie Bowen, who sported her own take in Happy Gilmore.

  queen latifah, kimberly elise, vivica fox and jada pinkett all sitting on the roof of a house in a scene from the film set it off, 1996 photo by new line cinemagetty images

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  1996: Queen Latifah’s Cornrows in ‘Set It Off’

  Okay, if you aren’t familiar with the cast of this ’90s gem, allow me to tell you: It was Queen Latifah (cementing the braided hairstyle’s popularity, among other things), Vivica A. Fox, and Jada Pinkett Smith. I mean, can! u! even!

  jerry maguire

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  1996: Renée Zellweger’s Piecey Updo in ‘Jerry Maguire’

  Who wore their own version of Renée Zellweger’s messy updo to every school dance in high school? Yep, same.

  romy and michele's high school reunion

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  1997: Lisa Kudrow’s Pink Eyeshadow in ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’

  Let me be clear: Everything about Lisa Kudrow here is perfect. But shoutout to her drastically underrated makeup. The coordinated pink eyeshadow and dress are a masterpiece.

  as good as it gets

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  1997: Helen Hunt’s Clamshell Clip in ‘As Good as It Gets’

  Everyone had a clamshell clip in the ’90s—me, my mom, Helen Hunt, etc. So when she tossed her hair into one in As Good as It Gets, it was pure relatable bliss.